Felo 18 Insert Bits w/Impact Bit Holder and Strong Box


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Felo 18 Insert Bits w/Impact Holder and Strong Box - 63599


Industry Bits C6.3 S 1"
1 x PH1 / 2 x PH2 / 2 x PH3
1 x SQ1 / 2 x SQ2 / 2 x SQ3
1 x T10 / 1 x T15 / 1 x T20 / 2 x T25 / 2 x T30 / 1 x T40
Bitholder IMPACT E6.3 x 2 1/4"
StrongBox: L: 6.31" W: 2.95" H: 1.46"

Impact Bitholder - with unique absorption cascade for best protection and longest lifetime at the toughest loads!

• Developed for impact drivers
• Unique 3-step synchronized torsion zones
• Additional torque absorption step with Felo Impact bits
• Specially developed to be used with tangential impact drivers.
• With bit retaining ring.

See additional graphic:

• S-M-L absorption cascade for a wide torque range (e.g. PH1 – PH3).
• Synchronized torsion-zones are sequentially triggered at increasing torque impulses and absorb torque peaks.
• Additional 4th absorption step when used with Felo Impact bits.

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