E-slim Insulated +/- H 1 Screwdriver


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Ergonic E-Slim Insulated +/- H (Terminal Block Screws) Screwdriver. Size: H1 +/-. Shaft Length: 3-1/8" Ergonic, the first handle that adapts to the users hand. Handle 30% Slimmer. Insulation up to 50% Slimmer. 62655

About Felo E-Slim Screwdrivers:
"Most electricians are not happy with the big regular
handles because they rarely have to deal
with seized rusty screws and extreme torque is
almost never needed. Difficult to reach screws,
however, are a common problem."

"The Felo E-Slim handle is longer and considerably
slimmer than a conventional screwdriver
handle. Its patented ERGONIC design, with
flexible cushion zones, adapts perfectly to the
user’s hand: your work becomes faster and
more fluent at a much reduced strain."

Lifetime Warranty

Blades manufactured from chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel
All screwdrivers are certified according DIN EN 60900 requiring that each individual
blade is tested with 10,000 Volts to guarantee safe for work at up to 1,000 Volts.

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