Felo XS 33 pc Box SL,Hex,PH,PZ,TX Bits Mini Ratchet, Bitholder **SPECIAL**


$94.28 $113.02


Felo XS 33 Box set includes Mini ratchet 1/4" hex, 1/4" hex to square drive 30mm Adapter, 58mm Bitholder & StrongBox. Includes 30 bits 1/4" x 1" : Slotted, Hex, Phillips, PoziDrive, Torx & TR Torx. Pocket size tool seet built for work in tight spaces. 61545

Felo XS Mini Ratchet:

Super strong ratcheting mechanism with fine toothing: 575 lb/in (65 Nm) 60 teeth, 6° ratcheting angle.
Direct fit for bits = extreme low operating height.
Slightly angled handle makes work more comfortable and protects the fingers.
Forged in one piece from chrom-vanadium steel.

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