Felo R-GO 19 19pc Box Sockets, Ergonic Ratchet, INCH


$106.89 $160.38


Felo R-GO Inch 19 Box includes Ergonic 1/4" Ratchet, Ergonic Screwdriver with 1/4" Adapter for Sockets, 2 extensions, Adapter, U-Joint, 13 Sockets & StrongBox. Extremely strong ratcheting mechanism with super fine toothing: 885 in/lb (100Nm) 72 teeth, 5° ratcheting angle. 62055

Felo R-GO Sets:

R-GO 1/4" tool boxes contain carefully chosen and thought-out assortments of precisely machined and durable bits, sockets, adaptors and extensions for a wide variety of uses, even with power tools.
R-GO ratchet and all other handles are equipped with the patented ERGONIC technology. They adapt to the user’s hand and provide exceptional work comfort.
The extremely strong ratcheting mechanism withstand forces up to 100 Nm and features superfine toothing with 72 teeth and only 5° ratcheting angle.
Push button socket release on ratchet.

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